Playwriting Student Alle Mims Co-Writes 'The Tree - An American Rock Musical' for Dallas' Imprint Theatreworks

BY Amanda Breen, October 15, 2020

The Tree - An American Rock Musical, co-written by Playwriting Student Alle Mims, will be staged by Dallas’ Imprint Theatreworks from October 29 to November 14, 2020. The musical’s other Dallas-based collaborators include playwrights Michael Federico, Jonathan Norton, Lauren LeBlanc, Cameron Casey, and Franky Gonzalez. 


With original music by Veteran Children and movement by Danielle Georgiou, the musical re-evaluates “the gift of knowledge and the nature of good and evil.” The Tree is part outdoor rock concert, part theatrical performance, and wholly fresh in its presentation. Broadway World says of the inventive, immersive experience, “Classic mythology merged with a rock score, the narrative weaves elegantly and highlights unique voices and world views in a powerful way.” 


Imprint has embraced a digital platform in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic: performances will be available online and outdoors. Additionally, Imprint’s Artistic Director Ashley White notes the pandemic’s severe impact on working creatives. In recognition of this challenge, Imprint will focus on promoting collaborations by local artists and performers. 

Mims is a playwright and an actor. She is co-founder of the Shakespearean troupe Altered Shakespeare. In an interview with Voyage Dallas, Mims discusses the motivation behind the troupe’s creation. “My co-producer, Clew, and I started the company when we felt as though we weren’t being given the same opportunities as the cis straight white men who dominate Shakespeare shows in Dallas.” The troupe aims to make Shakespeare accessible, and pre-COVID-19, this meant staging shows in a range of locations—from bars to black boxes. 


Mims has also appeared in several television series, including The Rose Table, Fairy gone, Others, Fairy Tail, Black Clover, and Ace Attorney, and in the films Skyvault and Long Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow. 


The Tree follows Imprint’s 35-act production Raise You Up and Mark Oristano’s The Impact of the Gadget on Civilization. Tickets can be purchased on Imprint’s website.