Still from #LoveMyRoomie, co-starring Yhá Mourhia Wright, Ashley Versher, and Katherine George (Right)

New Amazon Prime Show Stars Acting Student Katherine George

BY Robbie Armstrong, December 2, 2020

Acting Student Katherine George stars in the long awaited digital series #LoveMyRoomie. The show, which has been in the making for four years, will be released on December 2nd. #LoveMyRoomie is created by Yhá Mourhia Wright, who also stars in the show. 


#LoveMyRoomie is a reboot of the original digital sketch show #LoveMyRoomie Digital Sketches which premiered in 2016. The eight episode series follows Giselle, U’Moriah, and Yasmine - three roommates on the cusp of self-discovery within the first 36 hours of being catapulted into the realities of adulthood. As the women find themselves under pressure to navigate the wild roller coaster of life, they grapple with attempts to maintain their evolution. With one month to get back on their feet, unspoken struggles with sexual exploration, familial obligations, and mental health come to the surface, challenging the women’s bond.


Katherine George is an Afro-Latina performer, director, writer, and educator from the Bronx, NY by way of the Dominican Republic. She received a BA in Theater from Brooklyn College. Recent acting credits include Locked Up B*tches at the Flea Theater and The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph’s Baby at the NYC Fringe Festival. As a director, she has assisted directors such as Liesl Tommy and Niegel Smith. As a writer, she co-wrote Black and Blue and has won several titles within national and international spoken-word poetry slams. As a vocalist, she has performed on stages such as Carnegie Hall, the Paradise Theater, the Apollo Theater, and was a background vocalist for Jennifer Lopez for her 2017 NBC Fourth of July performance.


#LoveMyRoomie will release on Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 9:00pm ET. Below you can watch the show’s teaser trailer. The show’s team is hosting a premiere night watch party along with the launch of the show.