Film Professor Annette Insdorf
Featured in New York Post

March 24, 2017

Film Faculty Annette Insdorf was featured in the New York Post in a profile last month. The legendary film critic and scholar is currently the host of 92nd Street Y’s “Reel Pieces” series. The piece highlights her career, which began at Yale as a film professor.

As the piece states, her career has been illustrious:

“Along the way, she’s interviewed people for whom first names aren’t necessary: Streep, Scorsese, Cruise, Cumberbatch, Portman, Hoffman (both Philip Seymour and Dustin).
She doesn’t seem to be starstruck — though one night in 1996, she flubbed her introduction to Al Pacino, asking her 900-plus audience to “Please welcome me in joining…” (Pacino took it in stride, she says.)

Her secret for star-wrangling? “I don’t ask personal questions,” says the petite 60-something. Instead, Insdorf — who was born in Paris, raised in the Bronx and Queens and saw movies with her parents every weekend — wants to “know what makes an actor or director tick: whom they admire, what shaped them.”

The full article is available here.