Diksha Basu '14 Releases Second Novel, 'Destination Wedding'

BY Audrey Deng, June 24, 2020

Destination Wedding by alumna Diksha Basu ’14 will be available June 30. This is Basu’s second book. Her first, The Windfall, received international acclaim for its comedic and heartwarming depiction of “trying-to-be-rich people problems.” Her second book follows along those same lines of inquiry, even including some of the same characters, but unlike the Delhi-based first book, Destination Wedding is set in both New York and Delhi.

In Destination Wedding, Tina Das leaves New York—the site of a recent breakup and a stalling career—for her cousin’s wedding at Delhi’s poshest country club, Colebrookes. There, her amicably divorced parents are each using the occasion to explore new love interests. Other small dramas follow. “A former fling is unexpectedly on the guest list, a work opportunity is blurring the lines of propriety on several fronts, and her best friend Marianne’s terrible penchant for international playboys is poised to cause all sorts of chaos back home.”


According to Penguin, “The accommodations are swanky, the alcohol is top-shelf, but this family wedding may be more drama than Tina can bear and could finally force her to make the choices she’s spent much of her life avoiding.”

Terry McMillan, author of It’s Not All Downhill From Here, calls Destination Wedding “[a] witty and romantic novel perfect for all readers.”

The New Indian Express reviewed the book positively, remarking that Basu continues with this book as in The Windfall her pursuit of narrating older people’s second chances at love.

Three years ago, Basu was featured in the New York Times Sunday Routine, where she speaks briefly about writing on Sundays: “The novelist Diksha Basu will write on a Sunday, but only when the mood strikes. ‘I can only write when I feel creative and the words flow, and that’s not something you can plan for,’ said Ms. Basu, who is working on her second novel.” Basu has also written for the New York Times for their India Ink page, having worked as a Bollywood actress.

On June 23 at 8 pm ET, Basu will participate in a reading with the quarantine-themed Antibody Series to talk about her latest book. Writers Zaina Arafat (You Exist to Much) and Annie Kim (Eros, Unbroken) will join. Registration is available here.

An excerpt of Destination Wedding is available on Penguin, and pre-orders are also available through Penguin.