Columbia Filmmakers Head to Sundance and Slamdance 2019

December 17, 2018

Thirty-seven School of the Arts filmmakers, including writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and post-supervisors, will showcase at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, which runs January 24 to February 3. 

In addition to the films showing this year, five filmmakers, including Barbara Cigarroa '18, Chantel Clark '18, Mounia Akl '17, Clara Roquet '16 and current student Nehir Tuna have been selected for the extremely competitive Screenwriters Lab at the Sundance Institute. Notably. Read more here.  


The complete list of accepted filmmakers is below.


Sundance Film Festival

Festival Segment: Next


Sister Aimee

Marie Schlingmann '16, Co-Writer and Co-Director

Samantha Buck '16, Co-Writer and Co-Director

Hugo Kenzo '14, First Assistant Director



Ariel Schrag CC ’03, Author of title book, Screenwriter

James Schamus, Faculty member, Producer

Mark Sean Hayes ’15, Post-Production Supervisor


Selah and the Spades

Jessica Daniels Schwartz ’07, Casting

Jon Branden '17, Post Supervisor



Festival Segment: Spotlight


The Mountain

Mark Sean Hayes ’15, Post-Production Supervisor

Alexandra Vivas ’14, Unit Production Manager



Festival Segment: Premiers


The Tomorrow Man

James Schamus, Faculty member, Producer



Festival Segment: US Dramatic Competition


The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Rob Richert ’13, Co-Writer, Co-Producer

Dede Gardner CC ’06, Producer


The Sound of Silence

Kristie Lutz Line ’10, Co-Producer


The Farewell

Joshua Cohen '15, Co-producer

Rob Cristiano '13, NY Unit- Production Supervisor


Before you Know It

Kristie Lutz Line ’10, Post-Production Supervisor


Brittany Runs a Marathon

Andrew Hauser '12, Faculty member, Post-Production Supervisor



Festival Segment: World Cinema Documentary


Edge of Democracy

Moara Rossetto Passoni '21, Co-writer



Festival Segment: Documentary



Frédéric Tcheng ’07, Producer, Screenwriter and Director

Markus Kirschner ’08, Production Designer


The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley - Associate Producer

Ophelia  Harutyunyan ’15, Associate Producer



Festival Segment: Kids



Jacob Kader '09, Co-Writer



Festival Segment: US Narrative Short



Suzanne Andrews Correa '17, Director, Co-Writer

Mustafa Kaymak ’17, Producer and Co-Writer

Nicholas Becerra ’18, First Assistant Director

Fabio Montanari 16, First Assistant Director

Emre Gulcan ’17, Digital Imaging Technician

Pinar Yorgancioglu '16, Editor


Suicide by Sunlight

Ellie Foumbi ’17, Actor



Festival Segment: International Narrative Shorts



George Sikharulidize ’17, Director & Screenwriter



Screenwriters Lab


Costa Brava

Mounia Akl ’17, Co-Writer. & Director

Clara Roquet '16, Co-Writer


Wit Gesigte (Pale Faces)

Chantel Clark ’18, Writer & Director


El Otro Lado (The Other Side)

Barbara Cigarroa ’18, Writer & Director


Yurt (Dormitory)

Nehir Tuna, Current Student, Writer & Director


Additionally, current student Claire Brooks '20 (Creative Producing) will attend the festival 2019 as a BET Blackhouse Fellow. 10 filmmakers of color from top MFA programs were chosen to attend this networking based program sponsored by BET, OWN, CAA, HBO, amongst others. 


Slamdance Film Festival


Crystal Swan

Darya Zhuk '15, Director, Narrative Competition

Birgit Gernböck '17, Producer, Narrative Competition


Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture

Nicole Brending '11, Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Star, Feature Narrative



Kevin Contento '18, Writer, Director, Producer, Narrative Short

Danny Pfeffer '18, Assistant Director, Narrative Short