Acting Alumna Rebecca Henderson Star of Disney+’s ‘The Acolyte'

Lillian Mottern
May 16, 2024

Acting alumna Rebecca Henderson ’06 stars in The Acolyte, which is set to premiere this summer on Disney+. An extension of the Star Wars franchise, The Acolyte series is set during the final portion of the High Republic era, which takes place before the original Star Wars films. The show follows a group of Jedi Knights as they investigate a series of crimes and begin to uncover mysterious and potentially sinister forces.

Henderson plays Vernestra Rwoh, an elder Jedi who started out as a child prodigy that climbed the ranks of the Jedi and became a Jedi Knight at age fifteen. 

Henderson is known for her role as Lizzy in Russian Doll, as well as roles in a number of other films and television shows including The Good House, Appropriate Behavior, They Remain, and Mickey and the Bear.

The Acolyte will be released weekly on Disney+ beginning June 4, 2024. Watch a trailer for The Acolyte below.