Brooklyn Based Multilingual Theater and Film Company Created by Alumni

BY Paola Alexandra Soto, March 20, 2019

Caborca is a multilingual experimental theatre and film company founded by Artistic Director alumnus Javier Antonio González ’06 (Directing), along with the help of many alumni. “Caborca steals its name from the novel The Savage Detectives, by Roberto Bolaño, in which a magazine of the same name is the official organ of visceral realism.” Caborca’s members come from all over the world. The company’s mission is to create “sprawling, adventurous works in theatre and film.” Its aim is to “bridge language, background and media,” they wish to create an experience that welcomes members of the audience and guest artists “to delve into the pleasure of seeing anew.”


The company’s membership and group of collaborators includes several alumni: Laura Butler Rivera '06 (Acting), Anne Gridley '06 (Dramaturgy), David Skeist '06 (Acting), Shira Milikowsky '07 (Directing), Tania Molina '07 (Acting), Luis Moreno '06 (Acting), Jon Froehlich '06 (Acting), Kyoung Park '12 (Playwriting), Erin Koster '07 (Stage Management), and Courtney King '07 (Acting).


The company's productions include Lying Lydia by Javier Antonio González. The play “was inspired by the experiments with the anti-contraceptive pill in PR, the capitalism of disaster, and misogyny. Three actresses, four women: Lydia the fighter, Margaret the worker, Jeanne Anne the founder, and Patty the dreamer.” Other productions include Zoetrope; Western; Open Up, Hadrian; El Correo de la Noche; El Medico de su Honra; Las Minutas de Marti; Pen Knife; Floridita, My Love; Barceloneta, De Noche. An article about three of Caborca’s productions (Hamlet, Distant Star, and The Entitlement) was recently featured in the last print issue of Theatre Forum