Wordlove’s Elegy

Poetry by Prisoner Poet #bj0177

I expected rape and it’s quite simple:
I am in prison.
Look at me: pretty, petite—seek
no more than a bed
     my body: a back-alley-in-wait.

Eyes unravel me.
Lies, and time spent in showers:
the stranger’s candy. Hope is also simple.

Then, suddenly you became me:
handsome fire, Dreamer-in-Lava,
blaze of audacity,
the snake that is hidden & one that dreams
     in summer leaves,
     my feet made fear shoeless and
     two hells made heaven.

Mortal muse, Blazentine
we fuse
I am stopped, as love breathes
smooth and wet,
     I am not in control.

Your emptiness completes my void.

Then, guards escort you
but don’t return you.

My brain turns a cage.
This heart: piled dead doves.

Love’s not stopped at the prison gates,
is not life extinct
is not fatal fruit, is not an idol
is not even a blue ship cutting
     briskly upon its death-mask.

Does love upset you?
Does its intelligence outsmart you?
Do I surprise you
because you cage my skin
but I still, like germs, spread life.
     I love you & it is simple:
     without you, I expect rape.