Sound Art in the Library

The Sound Art MFA Program has developed a unique partnership with Columbia University’s Gabe M. Wiener Music & Arts Library to exhibit sound art through the investigation of the Library’s spatial possibilities and devotion to sonic histories.


The Sound Art MFA Program is composed of artists engaging in the critical study of sound and working with this medium as an integral part of their artistic practice. Works by students Gladstone Butler, Anthony Sertel Dean, Jonathan Harris, Char Jeré, John Thomas Levee, and Merry Sun will be exhibited throughout the Library, employing a multidisciplinary approach to sound, including performance, installation, video, sculpture, music, and poetry.


Presented in partnership with Columbia University Libraries and the Department of Music. Open to  to current students, faculty, and staff who have completed the requirements of the University Health Compact and who can present a "green pass" on the ReOpenCU app upon arrival.

Event Time & Date

Date: Past Event
Location: Gabe M. Wiener Music & Arts Library
701 Dodge Hall
2960 Broadway
New York, NY 10027