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Bang, Bang, Crash, Crash: Canon-Busting and Paradigm-Smashing

November 22, 2019 - November 23, 2019
5:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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507 & 511 Dodge Hall

2019 MA in Film and Media Studies Conference, co-presented by Columbia University MA in Film and Media Studies & Institute for Women and Gender Studies. 


Friday, November 22

5 PM – 7 PM: Pre-Conference Panel, "Canon Formation" – Dodge Hall 507

Panelists: Paul Attard, “Cultural Clout Chasing: The Perceived Value in ‘Low’ and ‘High’ Art”; Tess Smith, “Valuing Films and Disassembling the Canon”; Weibe CopmanYan-Fei Song, “A Critical Perspective of Canon Formation: Critique of ‘The Politics of Film Canons’”; Jialin Zhang, “From List to Web: A Summary and Response to ‘The Politics of Film Canons’”; Jing Peng, “Canons Should Not Suppress: Our Interesting Understanding of Cinema and Television”

8 PM: Film Screening of House – Dodge Hall 511

Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, Japan, 1977

88 minutes

Saturday, November 23

8:30 AM: Coffee/Tea – Dodge Hall 508

9 AM – 10:15 AM: Keynote Address, “Melodramas of Subjectivity” with Damon Young – Dodge Hall 507

Damon Young is an Associate Professor of French and Film and Media at UC Berkeley, and the author of Making Sex Public and Other Cinematic Fantasies.

10:30 AM – 11:50 AM: Netflix and Genre – ​Dodge 507

Panelists: Po Chen, “The Netflix Effect and How It Affects Film Genre Scholarship”; Tianpei Zhou, “Netflix, Inherent Intentional Instability and the Long Tail Theory”; Jie Zou “How Netflix’s Categories and Genres Re-Define the Long Tail”

Lunch Break

1:15 PM – 2:35 PM: Netflix and Taste Formation – Dodge 507

Panelists: Zitong Feng, “The ‘Taste’ That ceases to Exist: How Netflix Reshapes the Cinema World”; Emma Weeks, “Recommended for You: Exploring the Consumption of Mediain the Age of Netflix”; Madeleine Collier, “Predictive Personalization and the Politics of the Streamingverse: A Response to Neta Alexander”; Yuke Xie, “Thoughts on Neta Alexander’s “Catered to Your Future Self: Netflix’s ‘Predictive Personalization’ and the Mathematization of Taste”

2:35PM – 3:55 PM: New Media – Dodge 507

Panelists: Joseph Fischer, “Cinema of Attractions: Mode or Spectatorship”; Marissa C DeBaca, “The Human and Technological Binary”; Hexuan Cao, “Inspirations from The Netflix Effect”; Xinlei Yu, “Media Archaeology: Where Film History, Media Art and New Media (Can) Meet”

3:55 PM – 5:15 PM: Prestige – Dodge 507

Panelists: Simone Dill, “The Last Shall Be First: Aesthetics and Politics in Black Film and Media”; Maria Teresa Fidalgo-Azize, “The Erasure of Neutrality in the Cultural Legitimization Process of Awarding”; Mark Ebbay, “Post-War Prestige and Signifiers of Neorealism”


5:50 PM – 7:10 PM: Melodrama and Silent Film – Dodge 507

Panelists: Spandita Behera, “Thrill and Terror of Queerness in Weimar Cinema: An Analysis of ‘Render unto Cesare: The Queerness of Caligari’”; Juan A. Ramirez, “Melodrama’s Continued Legacy in Venezuelan Cinema”; Zhe Xu, “Parasite: Challenging the Melodrama Paradigm”; Jing Jiao, “The ‘Greatness’ of The Great White Silence”

7:10 PM – 8:30 PM: Chinese Film  – Dodge 507

Panelists: Yinqi Huang, “Chinese ‘National Film’ in Transnational Context”; Zoe Jiao, “From Murder in 405 to Deep in the Heart: Paradigm Shift in Chinese Crime Films”; Qiuyuan Tang, “From National Art Film to Transnational Commercial Production: The Shifting of Zhang Yimou’s Films”; Shiyu Li, “Is Commensurability Between Cultures and Generations Possible?: Transnational Cinema from Chinese Fifth Generation in 1980s to Now”