Baseera Khan

Khan is a multi-disciplinary installation artist with an emphasis on sculptural volumes, born in Texas of Indo Muslim heritage. Khan is focused on giving form to safety culture, drawing from deeply personal narratives but also its opposite, accounting for surveillance cultures and behavioral patterns of the masses. Of particular focus is their archiving of the body.

Khan is interested in the play of color, but only with the knowledge that color exists through the use of language, not solely affect. Placing focus on the relationship between what is created and what is experienced, Khan uses soft and hard organic materials, textiles, upholstery and the transformation of utilitarian objects into larger statements about the self. Khan's investigation into materials themselves as identity forming parts of our lives take the form of interactions with petroleum-based plastics, crude oil, hair and indigenous rugs. Khan exposes how resources and technologies are not apolitical, but catalysts of global migration, power, and empire.

Baseera Khan’s work was recently exhibited in their solo show at Brooklyn Museum of Art as well as Art Basel Statements 2023 and at Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati. Khan is a part of many public collections amongst a few Whitney Musuem of American Art, and the Soloman R. Guggenheim and Walker Art Center. Their monumental work can currently be viewed at The High Line in New York until 2024.