CA/T Testimonials

From our Partners

“CA/T is a great program that provides organizations with accessible writing programming. During their time at The Door, the young people learned various styles of writing and connected to the Teaching Artists in a deep and meaningful way. I definitely recommend this program!”
Paris Alexandra, The Door

“We are so happy to have a partnership with the CA/T program at Columbia.  The students who are involved benefit so much from the writing and literary adventures they are guided through.”
Sofia Apostolidis, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

“Talent Search has used CA/T teachers this year for two main needs: essay and outlining workshops for Freshmen, and essay guidance for Juniors for the Freedom and Citizenship application and Piper scholarship essay competition. In all instances, the instructors have been incredibly communicative, flexible, generous, and insightful. Geeta and Courtney led small group essay writing workshops for the Freshmen, and patiently went through the organization and writing process with the students. Geeta, Tadgh, and Lizzy then ran workshops helping the Juniors with personal statement and persuasive essay writing for two of DDC's main opportunities for its students: the Freedom and Citizenship program, and the Piper Scholarship. Both programs have an extensive application that require students to not only discuss themselves, but to argue with conviction a current issue facing their generation. These three instructors worked with the students to develop and strengthen their essays and to teach them the basics of citation and essay organization.  DDC values its partnership with CA/T and the opportunity to have its students connect with instructors who are themselves students working to enrich their own craft through a Masters in Fine Arts.  They show them what is possible, while teaching them those fundamental first steps.”
Karli McMenamin, Counselor, Talent Search

From our Artist/Teachers

“Teaching creative writing at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has been restorative as it has reminded me of the importance of self expression and the potential for writing to lift the human spirit. I am continuously humbled by my students' passion, humor and enthusiasm in exploring different literary styles and sharing their voices. Their inquisitive nature, as well as their openness in approaching new techniques and materials is inspiring to witness.”
Jenessa R. Abrams '17

"Teaching for CA/T has truly been one of the highlights of attending Columbia's graduate writing program. My students at Breaking Ground are all so passionate about writing—always eager to learn and thrilled to try new techniques. After I teach my class, I feel rejuvenated in my own work and excited about the possibilities for the future of literature. It's been so rewarding to help fellow writers get their voices out there; one of my students even won Honorable Mention in a Glimmer Train contest for emerging writers!"
Michelle Hogmire '16

"My teaching partner, Nathan, and I were lucky enough to open a new site in the CA/T roster at the Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists. This allowed us to develop our very own program and creative teaching space, in conjunction with school administrators, which was both humbling and enlivening.  The kids are not only shocking in their creative ability, they are simply joyful to be around.  They will also teach you how to have authority in order to produce a productive group dynamic--a key skill in a classroom environment of 13-year-olds."
Corey Spencer '16