Accessing Pre-Scheduled Zoom Class Sessions

Once you are set up as a host in your pre-scheduled classes, follow the steps below to access your online classroom for each class session.


STEP 1: Log Into Courseworks


Visit and login with your UNI and Password. You must log in here to access your courses and NOT use any links included in any email invitations. This is the only way to ensure you have full hosting abilities, and you will not get kicked off the system after only 40 minutes.



STEP 2: Find your course


Click on "My Courses" in the left-hand navigation menu.

STEP 3: Find your Zoom Class Sessions within Courseworks


A secondary left-hand navigation menu will appear. It is a very long list, so scroll down toward the bottom and find "Zoom Class Sessions." (screenshot below)

STEP 4: Start Your Class Session


You should see a list of all your upcoming class sessions here. Click the "Start" button on the next upcoming session.

Inviting Guest Speakers to Your Online Classroom

 FOLLOW STEPS  1 to 3  of  "Accessing Pre-Scheduled Zoom Class Sessions"



STEP 4: Open up the individual, pre-scheduled Zoom Class Session

STEP 5: Copy/Paste the "Invite Attendees" URL into an email for your guest



Your guest will still need to download and run Zoom when prompted, but this link

should work for anyone who wants to join the class meeting.

Alternatively, you can wait until you're already in the meeting and then copy the same link from there by clicking on "Invite Guests" along the bottom.