2014 Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition

Presented in Association with the Fisher Landau Center for Art

The Lauder Foundation/Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Fund

Esteban Cabeza de Baca

James Case-Leal

Pamela Council

Zach Eichelberger

Jack Eriksson

Gregory Gentert

Anna Glantz

Supporters of the 2014 Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition

Funding for the 2014 Thesis Exhibition is provided by Emily Fisher Landau and The Lauder Foundation—Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Fund.
Columbia University School of the Arts is supported in part by contributions from alumni and friends of the arts. These gifts provide student fellowships, educational programming and awards. For more information or to make a contribution to the School of the Arts, please contact:
Roberta Albert
Associate Dean for Development
[email protected]
The Visual Arts Program would like to extend special thanks to its 2013 and 2014 contributors, and recognize those for whom fellowships and awards have been named:
Anonymous (3)
Artis - Contemporary Israeli Artist Fund
Gary L. Bandy
Ramona Bronkar Bannayan
The David Berg Foundation
Margaret A. Bingham
Professor Gordon Merrill Bloom
Michael B. Bogdanow
Renee Borkow
Joseph B. Breed IV
Quentin Richard Caron
Elihu Carranza Jr.
Jacob Arthur Collins/
     The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
Douglas S. Cramer Jr.
Eugenie A. Diserio
Amelia Harriet Finker
Candia Fisher
Karen Hesse Flatow
Talya Fox
B. Joyce Frazier
Lee and Maria Friedlander Family Foundation
Norman M. Galinsky
Allison Ginsberg
Alice A. Gordy
Nancy Gregory
Claire A. Heimarck
Elsie Taliaferro Hill
Gail J. Hood
Jerilyn J. Jurinek
Caryl Roberts Kahn
Allison Sarah Katz
Edward J. Kimball
Iona S. Kleinhaut
Emily Fisher Landau
The Lauder Foundation/
     Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Fund
Robert Laurie/The Marilyn & Bob Laurie
Sandra Shahinian Leitner
Toby Devan Lewis/ The Toby Fund
Nicola Gray Lopez
Penelope Manzella
Jane E. McClintock
Thomas More McGrath
LeRoy Neiman Foundation
 J. Michael Parish
 Katherine Parker
Prof. Thomas F. Peterson
Jonathan Prince, D.D.S.
Riva Ariella Ritvo-Slifka/
     Alan B. Slifka Foundation
Sheryl Rubinstein
Fiona Singer
Diana T. Soorikian
Aaron and Betty Lee Stern Foundation
Andrea Woodner/The A. Woodner Fund
Sally Wilson Tippman
Alexandra Van
Sandy Walker
Stephen Whittlesey
Matthew Connell Wilson
Richard Wright
James Earl John Yakimicki
Joel Leon Young
Named Awards and Fellowships
George Raimes Beach Fund for Graphic Arts
Marin Birnbaum Fellowship
Faber Birren Fellowships
Donald C Brace Student Loan Fund
Brevoort-Eickemeyer Fellowship & Prize
Lucas T. Carlson Memorial Fund
Quinta Carolina Fund
Helen R. Elser Fellowship
The Andrew Fisher Fellowship
Morty Frank Traveling Fellowship
Ellen Gelman Endowed Fellowship
Jacques and Natasha Gelman Fellowship Fund
Herbert S. Germaise Endowed Fellowship
Marshall Glasier Endowed Fellowship for the Study of Drawing
D’Arcy Haymen Fellowships
Israel Artist Fund
Dong Kingman Fellowships
Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship Award
Edward Mazzella, Jr. Endowed Fellowship
LeRoy Neiman Endowed Fellowship
LeRoy and Janet Neiman Fellowship Fund
Marguerite P. Roche Endowed Fellowship
Joan Sovern Endowed Sculpture Award
Aaron and Betty Lee Stern Fellowships
Three Arts Club Endowed Fellowship
TOMS Scholarship
Visual Arts Graduate Fellowship
Visual Arts Student Support Fund