2021–2022 Tuition and Fees

Third-, Fourth- and Fifth-Year Writing MFA Students (Research Arts)



Fall 2021

Spring 2022

2021–22 Total

Tuition $2,763 $2,763 $5,526
Career Services Fee $80 $80 $160
Student Activity Fee $30 $30 $60
University Services and Support Fee $459 $543 $1,002
Health Services Fee $623 $623 $1,246
Medical Insurance* $1,483 $2,409 $3,892
Total $5,438 $6,448 $11,886
* Domestic students may request a waiver from the Columbia Student Health Insurance plan by submitting a waiver application at the beginning of the academic year with proof of comparable coverage. The Health Services Fee cannot be waived. International students must be insured through Columbia's plan except in rare circumstances when they are covered by a U.S.-based, employer-sponsored, group health plan (as a primary, spouse or dependent). Such requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please click here for more information.


Additional Fees During the Academic Year (if applicable)

Writing MFA Thesis Advisement Fee (Optional) $1,500 Per semester

International Student Fee


Per semester for all international students

Course or Lab Fees


Typically between $30 to $125 per course

Late Registration Fee


If after the late registration period

Late Payment Fee


This fee is assessed if you make your payment after the due date of the first term bill.
An additional charge of 1.5% of the balance due will be assessed per month on any past due amount thereafter.

Per-point tuition


Per Point


Other estimated typical costs (per 9-month academic year)

Living Expenses (Room & Board) $23,175
Transportation $1,189
Personal Expenses $5,616
Books & Supplies $2,989
Loan origination fees (for U.S. Citizens and
Permanent Residents with federal loans)


Note: The figures represented here vary each academic year and are subject to approval by the Trustees of Columbia University. Other fees may apply. Historically, tuition and fees have risen each year.