Jo's grandfather—a decorated veteran—has died, leaving emotional wreckage and unpaid debts in his wake. As she prepares for the funeral, Jo's heart is set on keeping grandpa's burial ag; to get it, she'll have to deal with her despondent mother, an attempted exorcism, and competition from a secret aunt young enough to be her little sister. It won't be easy, but nothing an aspiring saint like Jo can't handle.



Wednesday, 4/26 @ 2:30pm
Friday, 4/28 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, 4/29 @ 2:30pm


OUTER BANKS By Stephen Foglia

One sunny afternoon on a North Carolina beach, Junie’s twin sister disappeared without a trace. Two years later, no sign of the missing woman has surfaced, and Junie’s family has decided it is time to say goodbye. But Junie may not be ready. She begins to receive mysterious messages that might just be coming from her sister. By the brackish waters of the Neuse River, the borders between worlds grow porous, and death’s door opens.



Wednesday, 4/19 @ 2:30pm
Friday, 4/21 @ 8pm
Saturday, 4/22 @ 2:30pm


BLACK HOLLOW By Aeneas Hemphill

After a school shooting rips open the heart of an idyllic American town, the people of Black Hollow reckon with their loss and ght to live on. A play about grief, community, and resilience.



Wednesday, 5/3 @2:30pm
Friday, 5/5 @ 8pm
Saturday, 5/8 @2:30pm


A DOLLZES HOUSE By Becca Pluknett

A power-hungry King in a war-torn nation forces his royal court to perform a heavily redacted version of A Doll’s House. The King’s favorite, Tulip, stars in the show as Nora, a role she’s been preparing for her entire life. When Tulip discovers that the King has altered Ibsen’s ending to promote his own, twisted ideology, her porcelain world begins to crack. A DollZes HoUse is a play about History, hegemony, and resistance/rebellion.



Thursday, 4/28 @ 2:30pm
Saturday, 4/30 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, 5/01 @ 2:30pm



A major disaster in Manhattan has everyone on the island looking for high ground. For Danny’s family and friends, that higher ground happens to be her one-bedroom apartment in Inwood. As the world outside goes to pieces, Danny tries to keep the peace among the assorted characters gathered in her space. They might make it through this crisis, if they can manage to survive each other.



Thursday, 5/11 @ 8pm
Friday, 5/12 @ 2:30pm
Saturday, 5/13 @ 7:30pm


HATEWATCH By Ellen Steves

After a televised intervention goes off the rails, three friends go to extreme measures to take things into their own hands. HATEWATCH is an exploration of the connection between art and commerce, torture, manipulation, friendship, pornography, and cheese dip.



Thursday, 4/27 @ 8pm
Friday, 4/28 @ 2:30pm
Saturday, 4/29 @ 7:30pm



A family comes together to celebrate life in a country on the verge of signing peace after 52 years of war. Or the trip journal of a paranoiac daughter who falls in love far away from home.



Wednesday, 5/10 @ 2:30pm
Friday, 5/12 @ 8pm
Saturday, 5/13 @ 2:30pm


YOU DO NOT LOOK By Callan Stout

Gerda is trying to sell encyclopedias in order to stay in America. But she keeps getting sidetracked as she tries to save a world of other women around her. As the play loops and unravels in repeating patterns of PTSD, Gerda cannot escape her own traumatic past. you do not look challenges the audience to see female trauma that is too often purposefully overlooked. Developed with Fresh Ground Pepper and the Denmark Arts Center.



Thursday, 4/20 @ 8pm
Friday, 4/21 @ 2:30pm
Saturday, 4/22 @ 7:30pm