Literary Translation Workshop:
Creative (Mis)translation

Course Fee: $20
WRIT S4411Q - Session 2: July 2–August 10 - 3 points
6:15pm - 9:25pm
tue thu
Summer 2018
Ian Dreiblatt

**This course has been cancelled for Summer 2018.**
No foreign language required. 
Translation is at once a process, a procedure, and a metaphor. The practice of translation brings out our hidden prejudices, our ingrained biases; notions of the literary text that we take for granted come to the foreground and call on us to make crucial choices, aesthetic and political. In this short course, we'll see how the problems of translation "translate" over to the writing of fiction and poetry. By recuperating volition and agency in the encounter with the authority(ies) present in any given text, the writer finds openings in and through translation. We'll explore the generative aspects of translation and "mis­ translation": how translating might open up new reserves oflanguage for us to mine; how it might loosen our grip on our own "voice" and let in others; and conversely, how our own language might affect our encounter with a foreign or faraway voice.


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