Printmaking: Silkscreen

Course Fee: $250
Visual Arts
Summer 2017

This course introduces silkscreen and covers the fundamentals of screen printing. The silkscreen or screen printing process, also known as serigraphy, is a printmaking technique developed from stenciling. In the history of printmaking, it is a newer process that utilizes a synthetic fabric stretched on a frame. Silkscreen became particularly popular in the 1960s, when pop artists were drawn to the graphic qualities of the medium, which allows for bold blocks of uniform color. The course covers printing in multiple colors, as well as multiple processes for image making through the use of drawing fluid and rubylith, a process that utilizes a light sensitive photo-emulsion and an exposure unit to create a reproducible image. The course also explores creating prints with drawing fluid, allowing for a painterly effect. The course covers the best materials for screenprinting, with demonstrations on paper and fabric. The course focuses on the student's personal artistic vision through experimentation in this versatile print medium.


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