Introduction to Screenwriting

Course Fee: $30
Summer 2017

A good screenplay is a bit like a magic trick. It seems seamless, effortless, entertaining, and slightly mystifying. As most screenwriters will tell you, however, the final result usually comes from​ an enormous amount of writing, re-writing, receiving feedback, more re-writing, and a healthy dose of luck. Our goal will be to unmask the magic trick a bit, by reading screenplays, watching movies, and discussing the structure, characters, and challenges each script and film faced on its way to fruition. Additionally, because screenplays are meant to be read but movies are meant to be seen, students will work on pages of their own scripts which we will then examine, discuss, and read aloud. The ultimate goal will be to have students write 10-40 pages of a first act of their scripts,​ along with an outline or treatment which serves as a roadmap to ultimately finishing their screenplays.


For course schedule and location, please visit the School of Professional Studies summer site here.