Producing the Low Budget Film

Course Fee: $30
Summer 2017

Creating a good film requires more than a compelling script—it requires great producing. This class will teach students the essential steps necessary to develop, plan and prep for any low budget film production. Through in-depth class discussion, students will learn what it takes to become an outstanding independent producer.


This practical lab focuses on the fundamental aspects of development, planning and preparation for low budget films. While using a short film script as their own case study, students will learn pitching, development, script breakdown, scheduling, budgeting and fundraising. Discussion of legal issues, location scouting, deliverables, marketing, distribution and film festival strategy will allow students to move forward with their own projects after completing the class. Using weekly assignments, in-class presentations and textbook readings to reinforce each class discussion topic, students will complete the class having created a final prep/production binder for their project, which includes the script breakdown, production schedule, line item budget, financing/fundraising plan and film festival strategy for their chosen script.


For course schedule and location, please visit the School of Professional Studies summer site here.