The Incarcerated Artists Project (IAP)


Who We Are


The Incarcerated Artists Project (IAP) is a consortium of Columbia University School of the Arts student-run programs serving those impacted by mass incarceration. The IAP engages with formerly and currently incarcerated people—and their families—through creative workshops in correctional facilities, publications, and on-campus events. These activities emanate from Columbia Artist/Teachers (CA/T), the Columbia Journal, and Our Word. We also partner with such organizations as the Heyman Center for the Humanities and LiveWrite.


The IAP was founded by Adam Schwartzman in the Spring of 2018, building on initiatives developed by Writing Program students Antoinette Bumekpor, Tibo Halsberghe, and Heather Radke, who serve as student advisors. The project is overseen by Professor Alan Ziegler, Director of Community Outreach.


Our Initiatives


  • Through CA/T, MFA students lead creative workshops at the Manhattan Detention Complex and Rikers Island, as well as on-campus workshops for those impacted by mass incarceration.

  • The Columbia Journal’s Incarcerated Writers Initiative solicits submissions from incarcerated writers; entries are considered for publication online or in the print magazine, and every submitter receives a detailed response from a member of the Columbia literary community.  

  • We publish Exchange, a zine featuring work by currently and formerly incarcerated writers and visual artists.

  • With Our Word, we co-host readings on campus featuring works by incarcerated writers.


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