Visual Arts News


Visual Arts Mentor Ralph Lemon was awarded the Whitney Museum’s singular Bucksbaum Award.

In a presentation at Columbia, his message about the environmental impact of plastic was loud and clear.

14 Columbia visual artists, including three faculty members and eleven alumni, will exhibit work this year at Art Basel Miami Beach, which runs fro

The work "focused on these abstract, yet intertwined ideas of diaspora, common experience, and democracy,” said MFA candidate Aristotle Forrester.

Visual Arts alumnus Asif Mian ’18 has been awarded an Emerging Artist Grant from the Rema Hort Mann Foundation.

Visual Arts alum Sophie Kovel ’22 has been accepted into the prestigious Whitney Independent Study Program for the 2022–2023 term.

Kevin Cobb creates remarkable works on canvas, paper, panel, and the screen.

Entering into the world of Visual Arts alumna Julia Phillips ’15 is like entering into a dream: nothing is certain, everything doubles, even triple

Joseph Liatela ’22  presents Nothing Under Heaven at The Montclair State University Galleries this fall, marking his first solo museum sho

An electric fragility surrounds Dark Dreams, a solo show by Yuri Yuan ’21, at Alexander Berggruen gallery on the Upper East Side.

From September 30  to November 27, 2022, fifty-one days in all, the Okayama Art Summit will ask the public to wonder: do we dream under the same sk

Visual Arts alumnus Mark Yang ’20 engages flesh and masculinity in a solo show, Gymnós, at Half Gallery in New York City.