Sound Art News


Sound Art alumna Lauren Covey ’21 has recently been named an Associated Artist by Culture Push, where she will receive fiscal, institutional and cr

It was Saturday September 17, 2022, and Columbia alumni Kamari Carter ’19 and Julian Day ’20 were performing their collaborative sound and light pi

Sound Art alumnus Kamari Carter ’18 recently presented I know I’ve

Graduating Sound Art student Anthony Sertel Dean ’22 is among the winners of Columbia University’s prestigious Campbell Award. 

Associate Professor and Director Sound Art Miya Masaoka has been announced as one of the winners of the prestigious Rome Prize from the American Ac

Sound Art alumnus Nolan Lem ‘15 is featured in a solo show, Surface Song, at Eks-Rummet Ga

Mengtai Zhang '19 is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York.

Lemon Guo '18 is an interdisciplinary artist, composer, and vocalist from China

Blocks from the Hudson River, the gurgling sound of water interweaves with gentle whale whistles in a dimly lit open gallery space.

I was surrounded by sounds so otherworldly, I felt like I was listening to the stars talking. 

Columbia's School of the Arts will present Jana Winderen’s “The Art of Listening: Under Water,” February 3-13, 2022.

Running until November 20, 2021, the second installment of the Visual Arts Program 2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition is now open at the Lenfest Center.