Photo courtesy of Deli Gallery

Alumni in Joint-Exhibition at Deli Gallery, Queens, NY

October 26, 2017

Alumni Dana Lok '15 and Leah Moskowitz '15, are featured in a joint-exhibition titled, Listening at the See-Through Door, at Deli Gallery in Queens, NY. In this exhibit, Lok and Moskowitz explore perception and optical illusion through paintings and installation art.


“Both my project and Leah’s beckon a visitor to view and listen to the works from different angles and spatial positions,” said Lok, who met Moskowitz in 2015 while they were graduate students in Columbia’s Visual Arts Program. “We’re both interested in the way a signal can change its meaning depending on its location in space, or depending on the perceiver’s location in space.”


Lok said, “My work plays with these spatial relationships through painting, and Leah’s work plays with these relationships through sound. Both projects, you could say, are presented in stereo. We also both employ screens in our works for this show. Throughout the show, the screens we use take on different roles: a doorway, a shade, a shadow, a lens, a filter.”


When asked how and why the two artists decided to exhibit together, Lok stated, “Our work has always resonated with each other, and this show was an opportunity to see what would happen if we created work specifically to show together.” The two artists then made “a small body of new, individual work” with thematic and structural parallels that “helped to shape each other’s meaning while they share the space at Deli.”


Both Lok and Moskowitz are from Pennsylvania. Lok’s work was recently featured in a solo exhibition at Chewday’s, London and at Clima Gallery, Milan last year, while Moskowitz recently had a solo exhibition at Rond-Point Projects, Marseille France.  

Listening at the See-Through Door will run until November 12th, 2017.