Rona Yefman '09 Publishes New Monograph 'Let it Bleed'

December 12, 2016

Last month, Visual Arts alumna Rona Yefman ‘09 celebrated the release of her new book, Let It Bleed, with a party and signing. The book was published by Little Big Man Press.

Through the collection of formal images, performance snapshots and video stills, Let it Bleed chronicles the experience of two siblings’ symbiotic existence as collaborative artists. It depicts Yefman and her younger sibling, Gil, growing up as they rebel against conventional gender and familial roles.

Yefman started collecting the images as early as 1996. In an interview with Photo Book Store Magazine, Yefman said, “Both Gil and I found a sense of freedom through our mutual rebellion. We started using the camera to note the construction of our possible selves, inventing multiple identities, occupying a private world of fantastical possibilities where nothing could be fixed, certain, or judged. Through photography, we chronicled our mutual desire to transgress conventional norms.”

The project introduces us to Gil at 16 years old, and follows the journey of her physical and emotional transformation from male to female, and her subsequent transformation back to become, in Gil’s own words, “beyond any gender."

Yefman’s work is geared toward bridging the gap between what we are and what we want to be. Yefman often collaborates with individuals that have formed a radical persona, documenting her relationship to them and exploring identity with photography, video, and text. Her practice reveals the humanity of her subjects, reinventing positive and complex notions of a customized conception of identity. She has had solo exhibitions at the SculptureCenter, New York, Participant, Inc., New York, and group exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and Lombard Fried Projects, New York.

Although this is Yefman’s first published monograph, she previously self-published a poster zine with similar work. She is currently at work on her next book.