Writing Roundup: Week of Sept. 11

September 12, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, Writing Program students, alumni, and faculty have been busy publishing new work. Read more in our biweekly roundup of news about Columbia writers.

Will Augerot
Alumnus Augerot published a review of Antonio Muñoz Molina's Like a Fading Shadow on the website of BOMB magazine: “For Muñoz Molina, novelists are detritivores by nature, like sea cucumbers on the ocean floor.”

Michael Juliani
Alumnus Juliani published five poems with the online monthly journal EuropeNow, including one titled “Thinking of Pussy Riot”: “As the fishermen strangle cod / out on the wet docks our refrigerator arrives / and today is a warm / sleeved gust / passing through the afternoon / a somnolent incident of pleasure.”

Dorothea Lasky
Writing Program faculty member Dorothea Lasky published two poems in the September issue of Poetry magazine. One, “A fierce and violent opening,” begins: “Blood is gushing everywhere / From the lips of the bear’s face / Out the elevators / The children’s eyes / When they are taken down by the ax / The whole hotel is overtaken with blood.”

Franz Nicolay
Current student Nicolay reviewed Ann Powers’s Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black & White, Body and Soul for the New York Times: “‘Embodiment’ is the relevant term for Powers. Her argument, that ‘we, as a nation, most truly and openly acknowledge sexuality’s power through music,’ is intimately tied to the body: enslaved and objectified black bodies, the erotic sublimation and liberation of dance, the dialogue between charismatic performer and enraptured audience and the problem of ‘cyborg’ singers like Britney Spears.”

Emily Skillings
Alumna Skillings published a poem, “Girls Online,” with Poetry magazine: “One will choose you, press you / into the ground. You may never / recover. The second-to-last line / has a fold in it. The last line is / the steady pour of their names.”

Daniel Waite Penny
Alumnus Penny published an essay about Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook by Mark Bray on the website of the New Yorker: "Should anti-Fascists start toting AR-15s, like the right-wing Oathkeepers? The idea can seem naïve in an American context, where, practically speaking, only white people can carry guns openly without fear of police interference."

Gavin Thomson
Current student Thomson, who writes as Gavin Tomson, published an essay with The Walrus, a Canadian magazine, about Kyo Maclear’s Birds Art Life and the challenge of writing about grief: “Grief, especially when it’s raw, can feel claustrophobically private. Trying to make others fully understand what it feels like is akin to describing a colour only you can see.”