Writing Roundup: Week of Oct. 9

October 10, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, Writing Program students and alumni have been busy publishing new work. Read more in our biweekly roundup of news about Columbia writers.

Julia Bosson '16
Alumna Julia Bosson published an essay in Guernica about an exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin and its resonance with contemporary American politics: “We might be ready for the kinds of encounters that could result in real progress, rather than half steps designed to maintain the status quo and keep shame under wraps. What the exhibition did so effectively was to galvanize the German and Jewish communities to engage in a dialogue about their past and the demographics of the present.”

Melissa Duclos '10
Alumna Melissa Duclos contributed an essay to the Washington Post about the metaphors we use to make sense of relationships. “‘Your marriage can shape you the way the ocean shapes the shore,’ I told my brother and his bride. I didn’t mention that it can also swallow you whole.”

Jordan Kisner '15
Alumna Jordan Kisner profiled the actress Frances McDormand for the New York Times Magazine:  “McDormand explained to me that had she stayed in the theater, she would have played all the canonical leading women, but in Hollywood her looks disqualified her. ‘I was too old, too young, too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too blond, too dark — but at some point they’re going to need the other,” she told me. “So I’d get really good at being the other.’”

Emily Skillings (Current student)
Current student Emily Skillings published a poem, “Parallelogram,” on LitHub: “The only thing I can do is write poems / for those who’d like me vaporized.”

Jessi Stevens (Current student and Undergraduate Writing Professor)
Current student Jessi Stevens published an essay in the Los Angeles Review of Books about Swiss author Fleur Jaeggy’s story collection I Am the Brother of XX (translated from the Italian by Gini Alhadeff): “In these 21 beautiful, darkly comic vignettes, such Nietzschean dismantling of received morality is the norm: ‘For us, creatures of the streets, instinct is our dwelling. And a total disregard for the good.’”

Geeta Tewari '17
Alumna Geeta Tewari’s '17 short story Discipline has been published by Granta: “I knew that aside from my physical appearance, I wasn’t an interesting person. But I also knew that if I listened to what a man was saying and nodded, providing intermittent responses indicating that I was in fact listening, that he would recall me as not only smart, but lovely and desirable too.”