Writing Roundup: Week of July 3

July 3, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, Writing Program alumni and students have been busy publishing new work and receiving honors. Read more in our biweekly roundup of news about Columbia writers.

Diksha Basu
Alumna Basu’s debut novel The Windfall received a positive review in the New York Times. (Basu was also featured in the newspaper’s “Sunday Routine” column.)

Isabella DeSendi
Current student DeSendi was selected as a Literary Finalist for the 2017 June Jordan Fellowship, which is awarded by the Center for Justice at Columbia.

Lucas Gonzalez
Current student Gonzalez published five poems in the online literary magazine fixtonal: “Damp, dead periodical. / An expired license. / Here, caught / in the terminals of want.”

Madelaine Lucas
Current student Lucas published an essay, “Cigarettes and Turpentine: An Ode to My Artist-Mother,” on the website of the publisher Catapult: “For these women in my family, art wasn’t ‘out there’ in the external world—it was created in the domestic space, inseparable from everyday life.”

Franz Nicolay
Current student Nicolay reviewed Meet Me in the Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman for Slate: “It may be that there is no way to write a definitive history of a particular cultural scene of a particular time and place that doesn’t reveal itself to be simply the story of a loose group of acquaintances who all got drunk in the same five-block radius for a few years in their twenties. (Ask Hemingway.)”

Daniel Penny
For the website of the New Yorker, alumnus Penny wrote about Joseph Touchette, “who may be the oldest drag queen in New York City.”

Sophie Unterman
Alumna Unterman received a 2017 Rockower Award from the Jewish American Press Association for her essay for The Forward, “My Search for the ‘Male Shiksa’”: “I told him it was a double mitzvah to screw on Shabbat. SportsCenter on mute, music theory textbooks open in our laps. His pencil suspended above the fill-in-the-scale exercise. The Oklahoma goy and his new, exotic Jewish girlfriend. I relished the role.”