Timothy Donnelly Receives Lenfest Teaching Award

April 20, 2016

Associate professor and Writing Program Chair Timothy Donnelly ’98 received the 2016 Lenfest Teaching Award, given to eight Columbia teachers from across unique disciplines.
In the citation for the Columbia Distinguished Faculty Award, Donnelly was  praised for his work in leading undergraduate and graduate writing workshops as well as courses in prosody and the history of poetry.
“What happens in my classroom is always collaborative, and the success of my classes always depends upon the presence of talented, hard-working and generous students,” Donnelly said. “Columbia provides an atmosphere where brilliant people from various backgrounds and with various interests come together to strive towards excellence, each with his or her own story and distinct flight path into the future.”
Donnelly is the author of The Cloud Corporation (Wave / Picador), winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for a mid-career poet, and Twenty-seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit (Grove). He has been the poetry editor of Boston Review since 1995.
“The study of poetry inevitably turns into, or can, the study of just about everything that humans have held and now hold to be of value,” he says.