Writing Roundup: Week of Feb. 21

February 21, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, Writing Program students, faculty and alumni have been busy publishing new work. Read more in our biweekly roundup.​


Alan Felsenthal ’15 (Faculty)

Faculty member Felsenthal's poem, “Beginning With a Horse," has been published in the New York Times Magazine, and also doubles as a writing prompt: "A horse has six legs / two belong to a man / who might be Pluto / disguised as the devil."


Jenny Ahn (Current Student)

Ahn's poem, “Unfruit,” was published by Into The Void magazine: "The long child tucks his elbows into his hips / sucking his nails off and rubbing his lips to water."


Zoe Contros Kearl (Current Student)

Two poems by Kearl were published in glitterMOB magazine, "And I Will Cast Off Jerusalem" and "Where You Can Hear the Jets Fly Overhead": "Beating science and logic with thudding hearts, / a cigarette in my mouth against the cold and the divine, out there."


Cyree Jarelle Johnson (Current Student)

Johnson's Op-Ed, “Medicaid Work Requirements Are Yet Another Burden for Trans Workers" was published in the New York Times: "The overlapping issues of health care and employment discrimination remain pivotal ones for transgender communities. They became more so last month, when the Trump administration decided to allow states to institute work requirements for Medicaid."


Jenessa Abrams '17

Alumna Abrams published an essay, "In Our House, We Speak in Hybrid Tongues: A Review Told Over the Course of an Evening in which The Author and I Don’t Speak," for Guernica magazine: "Matthew Baker’s Hybrid Creatures is a short story collection about connection, about the ways we do and do not communicate, about the usage and necessity for alternative expression."


Matthew Gellman (Current Student)

Gelman's poem “End of Winter” was published in Prelude magazine: "I sit in the park and paint my nails / but I keep messing them up."


Franz Nicolay (Current Student)

"The 21st-century family band," an article written by Nicolay for Slate, takes a look at musicians who bring their families with them on the road: "In an era in which record sales are dwindling and streaming royalties rarely make up the difference, touring is often musicians’ primary means of making a living."


K.B. Thors '14

Thors' translations of poems by Icelandic writer Valgerður Þóroddsdóttir appear in the latest issue of Tongue Journal.