Kassi Underwood '13 to Publish Memoir

February 8, 2017

Writing Program alumna Kassi Underwood '13 will publish her first book, a memoir entitled May Cause Love: An Unexpected Journey of Enlightenment After Abortion, with HarperOne this February. The book, according to the publisher, details Underwood’s “journey of recovery” following an abortion she had at 19. In search of “emotional freedom,” Underwood embarks on “a road trip with pit stops at a Buddhist ‘water baby’ ritual, where she learns a new way to think about lost pregnancies; a Roman Catholic retreat for abortion that turns out to be staffed with clinic picketers; a crash course in grief from a Planned Parenthood counselor; a night in a motel with a ‘Midwife for the Soul’ who teaches her how to take up space; and a Jewish ‘wild woman’ celebration led by a wise and zany rabbi,” the publisher’s website says.

In 2011, Underwood published an op-ed in the New York Times about the depression she experienced following the abortion, and about finding out, three years later, that the man with whom she’d gotten pregnant had had a baby with another person—accounts that will feature in the forthcoming book, as well.
Early reviews have commended May Cause Love for its honesty and its potential to help readers dealing with similar situations. “The author shines a personal light on the dilemma that women face when they have to juggle their own needs and desires with a biological accident that has the power to completely change their lives,” Kirkus Reviewssays. Publishers Weekly agrees, adding that Underwood’s “story, though painful, is moving and heartfelt” and may “provide a voice for women and men suffering in silence.”