Sanford Biggers One of Twelve Artists Commissioned in Photography Exhibit at The Met

November 17, 2017

Faculty member, Sanford Biggers, is one of twelve artists commissioned for the exhibition, Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations Between Artists, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit will run until December 17th, 2017.


Talking Pictures examines the way that mobile-devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have changed “how photos are made, used, and looked at,” according to the exhibit’s press release. Rather than solely being used to record past events, the rise of photography using mobile devices has allowed people to share their “visual experiences in real-time with unprecedented intimacy.” Participating artists were asked to partner with another artist and to send each other photos without written messages or captions, and to not post the images on social media. Sanford Biggers, who often uses installation, video, and performance art in his work, partnered with Shawn Peters, a filmmaker and director of photography.


Through the twelve different artists’ exchanges, sometimes a narrative was formed, or visual parallels between the photos, or visual puns, or a humorous exchange over time. According to a New York Times article, “Sometimes the artists seem[ed] to be talking more to themselves than to each other. The artist Sanford Biggers and the filmmaker and cinematographer Shawn Peters begin their 62-post iPad exchange with 12-image soliloquies before edging toward a conversation that is rarely in sync.”


In 2017, Biggers has had numerous exhibitions and accolades including a solo exhibition at New Britain Museum of American Art, a group exhibition at the Speed Museum in Kentucky, and he was also a recipient of the prestigious Rome Prize.