More than Thirty Columbia Artists to Exhibit at Art Basel in Miami

November 27, 2017

Thirty-three visual artists, including numerous alumni, one faculty member and three current students, have been selected to showcase their work at the 2017 Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Art Basel, which first came together in the 1970s, features work by established and emerging artists who are represented by “the world’s leading international Modern and contemporary galleries.” All in all, there are “four thousand artworks on display at Art Basel, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, film, video, and digital art,” according to the show's website.


Art Basel at Miami Beach will run from December 7th to December 10th, 2017, and will move on to Hong Kong this coming spring, and Basel, Switzerland in summer 2018.


Kambui Olujimi ‘13, a Visual Arts term appointed faculty member and an alumnus, is exhibiting his work at Aspect Ratio Gallery in Miami. Last month, Professor Olujimi premiered his short film, Where Does the Time Go..., accompanied with a live score, at Lincoln Center in New York City. Current MFA students Delphine Fawundu ‘18—who was interviewed for the Student Spotlight earlier this semester—is showcasing her work at Prizm Art Fair and Pulse Miami Beach, while Hugh Hayden ‘18—whose short film played at Amon Carter Museum of Art in October—is exhibiting at NADA Miami. Alumnus David Brooks ‘09—who recently wrapped up his site-specific installation on Governor’s Island—is now exhibiting at Vizcaya Museum.


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Congratulations to the following artists, who are listed below with their respective gallery:


Columbia University at Art Basel Miami Beach, 2017

1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


The Approach


       Cock, Interrupted, 2017; Year of the Cock, 2017

       Allison Katz ‘08


Campoli Presti (Booth H18)


       Exoticizer, 2017; Fixator (#1), 2017

       Julia Philips ‘15


        An Aperture #5, 2017; Green Graph, 2015 - 2017; Social Development, 2017

        Eileen Quinlan ‘05


Casey Kaplan  (Booth C29)


          War Correspondent, Saigon 1968, 2017

          Matthew Candice ‘90


           Untitled, 2017

           N Dash ‘10


            11, 2017

            Garth Weiser ‘05


David Kordansky Gallery (Booth B14)


            Short-Timer Calendar (Rocky & Bullwinkle), 2017; Short-Timer Calendar, 1966 (1), 2017; Short-Timer Calendar, 1971(1), 2017

            Matthew Candice ‘90


Galleria Raffaella Cortese


             Mirror performance III, 1969; Mirror Pieces Installation II, 1969 - 2014

             Joan Jonas ‘65


Gió Marconi  (Booth H21)


             Untitled (Gold cock), 2017; Untitled (Monkey portrait), 2017

             Allison Katz ‘08

Greene Naftali  (Booth A14)


              Pending, 2017; Pending, 2017

              Gedi Sibony ‘00


Goodman Gallery (Booth E13)


               Profile, 2017

               Candice Breitz ‘97


Joségarcía, mx (Booth B21)


                Echo 12, 2017; Echo 14, 2017; Subtraction screen POEM (having to do with undoing the absoluteness of an absolute), 2016; Unstable example   15, 2015; Unstable example 16, 2014

                Jose Leom Cerrillo ‘03


Mehdi Chouakri (Booth C28)


                Untitled, 2017; Untitled, 2017

                N Dash ‘10


Niels Borch Jensen Gallery and Editions


                 Leochicospeedy, 2016; The Unsubs, 2016

                 Huma Feroza Bhabha ‘89


Nils Stærk


                 Possibilities of a Structure: Nine Circles: 1.2.44, 2017; Possibilities of a Structure: Nine Circles: 1.2.45, 2017

                 Eduardo Terrazas ‘05


OMR (Booth C17)


                  6v - Recognition, 2016

                  Julieta Aranda ‘06


Peter Freeman, Inc. (Booth F8)


                  Woodstove, 2017

                  Josephine Halvorson ‘07




                  Heritage Studies #9, 2015

                  Iman Issa ‘07


Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels (Booth H1)


                   Emily Smith ‘06


Sadie Coles HQ (Booth 17)


                   Wishes, 2017

                   Uri Aran ‘17


Salon 94  (Booth 15)


                   Untitled, 2007; Untitled, 2007; Untitled, 2007; Untitled, 2006

                   Huma Feroza Bhabha ‘89


Additional Sites:

Aqua Art Miami

1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139




                      Jordan Trachtenberg (GSAPP ‘08)


The Bass Museum

2100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


                       Solo Exhibition: Mika Rottenberg

                       Mika Rottenberg ‘04


                        Bass Museum exhibition design

                        Dominic Leong ‘03



One Herald Plaza (Biscayne Bay & 14th Street), Miami, FL 33132


                         Jaeckel Gallery

                         OPHELIA (video/performance)

                         Nadja Marcin ‘10


Hôtel Gaythering

1409 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139


                          Artgaysel Miami Beach

                          Derick Whitson ‘16


Ink Miami

1850 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


     Children’s Gallery

     This Doll’s House

     Sara Zielinski ‘11


NADA Miami at Ice Palace Studios

Ice Palace Studios; 59 NW 14th St, Miami, FL 33136


                           Brennan & Griffin Gallery (Booth 8.02)​

                           Victoria Roth ‘14


                           Derek Eller; Loyal gallery (Booth 1.01), Loyal Gallery (2.09)

                           Outdoor hammock sculptures in The Ice Palace Courtyard

                           Jesse Greenberg ‘11


     Ghebaly Gallery (Booth 2.07)

     Holly Stanton '11CC (Gallery Director)


                            JAG Projects (Booth 8.00)​

                            Hugh Hayden ‘18

                            Jesse Greenberg ‘11


                            Simon Preston Gallery (Booth 3.06)​

                            Josh Tonsfeldt '07


No Commission Miami

35 NE 29th st. Miami, Fl, 33137


                            Allison Janae Hamilton ‘17


Open Studio Visits

9401 Kerwood Court, Coral Gables, FL 33156


                            Lynn Golob Gelfman ‘68


Prizm Art Fair

145 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131


                            Universal Belonging curated by Mikhaile Solomon includes:

                            Delphine Fawundu ‘18

       Victoria-Idongesit Udondian ‘18


Pulse Miami Beach

4601 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140


                            "the cleanse"

                            Delphine Fawundu ‘18


Space Mountain Miami

738 MLK Boulevard (NW 62nd Street), Miami, Florida 33150


                            HOPE & REALITY; A collaboration of Tony Chirinos and Baker

                            Tony Chirinos ‘03



56 NE 29th Street Miami, FL 33137


                            Hall Barnett Gallery

                            Meg Turner ‘18


Untitled, Miami Beach

12th Street and Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139


                            South of the Tracks Gallery

                            Zoe Nelson ‘09


                            Aspect Ratio Gallery

                            Kambui Olujimi ‘13


Vizcaya Museum

3251 South Miami Ave, Miami, FL, 33129


                            Of Discriminating Artistic Feeling

                            David Brooks ‘09