Love 2018 Exhibition image

Columbia Artists in Group Exhibit Exploring Love and Pain

February 2, 2018

More than two dozen Faculty, Alumni, and Current Students are featured in the group exhibition, Love 2018: Purple Hearts, currently running at Columbia University’s LeRoy Neiman Gallery. Love 2018: Purple Hearts explores "this moment of collective and complex heartbreak,” and draws its title from the chorus of the song, “Sneakin’,” by the rap artist Drake: “...and she texting purple hearts ‘cause she know that we at war.” Rachel Stern ‘16, the curator of Love 2018: Purple Hearts, sought to bring together a myriad of visual artists whose work examined “how ‘Love is a battlefield,’ how ‘Love hurts,’ and why (or if?) ‘Love is worth fighting for.’”


Love 2018 Exhibition image


The group exhibition features work done in a range of materials including photography, drawing, sculpture, video installation, mosaic, painting, and mixed media. Many of the works explore the intersection of love and sexuality, interpersonal relationships, race, class, and religion.


Associate Professor Shelly Silver and Adjunct Professors Kai McBride '08, Peter Clough, and Sheila Pepe (whose work was recently featured in a retrospective show) are included in the show, along with Visual Arts Mentors Mark Dion and Rona Yefman '09.


Love 2018: Purple Hearts also highlights the work of seven MFA Visual Arts alumni, most of whom graduated in the past two years: Brooke Holloway '16, Bryan Jabs '16, Pablo Montealegre '16 (who was selected in 2017 for the Bronx Museum’s Biennial for emerging artists), Michael Stablein Jr. '16, Cameron Welch '16, Dana Buhl '17, Duy Hoàng '17, and Candice Breitz '97.


A bright, eye-catching video installation by alumna Candace Bretiz '97, who is also a filmmaker, explores race and sexual marginality in South Africa. Alumnus Duy Hoàng’s '17 site-specific installation includes dozens of thumb-sized plastic bags filled with individual leaves in various states of decay, which seem to highlight the passage of time and death. Alumnus Cameron Welch’s '16 mosaic-like collage is made of mirrors, tile, and CDs, and depicts an abstracted figure with angel wings.  


Current Students Jessica Martinez '18 and Samantha Nye '18 are also featured in the show. Nye’s painting, Mom as pg. 57, September 1992 - Entertainment For Men, reimagines a woman from a magazine cover or centerfold from a Playboy collection. According to Nye, “This particular piece centers around a performative relationship between my mother and myself. By queering Freudian intimacy I highlight the intersection of gendered and aged bodies, celebrate practices of kinship, and ask the audience to consider the limitations of a “successful” performance of femininity, youth and their conflation.”


The exhibit runs through Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2018.