Alumni Featured in the Bronx Museum’s Fourth Biennial for Emerging Artists

September 30, 2017

Two Visual Arts alumni, Amanda Alfieri '13 and Pablo Montealegre '16, are featured in Bronx Calling: The Fourth AIM Biennial at the Bronx Museum, which will run until October 22nd, 2017.


Bronx Calling: The Fourth AIM Biennial, which was briefly noted in a recent issue of The New Yorker, features seventy-two emerging artists who were awarded the Bronx Museum’s Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) Fellowship in 2016 and 2017. According to the museum’s website, AIM is a program that is dedicated to helping visual artists gain hands-on experience in the business side of the arts by “providing professional development resources to emerging artists living and working in the New York metropolitan area.”


Alumna Amanda Alfieri ‘13 is a performance artist. According to Alfieri’s artistic statement, she is interested in "using performance, video, and photography to place [herself] in extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable situations to explore the tension between trauma and humor, truth and fiction, and between audience responsibility and participation.”


Using her body as an instrument, Amanda Alfieri makes work primarily in performance. By placing herself in extremely uncomfortable, polemic and vulnerable situations, her work investigates the influence of media bias, popular culture, and social network technology on mainstream society. Alfieri's work explores the obsession and desperation to achieve the often misappropriated, oppression-based aspirations and exaggerated objectification of the female body within a male dominated, white privileged society.


In the ongoing series Feed da Booty, Alfieri both figuratively and literally seeks to embody and ingest media-reinforced stereotypes and symbols within multiple social and cultural constructs such as race, gender, and sexuality. For this body of work, she takes a familiar social media meme "feed da booty" verbatim as a solution to make her own "grow," pushing her body through intensive exercise along with an implausible post-workout "booty feeding."


Meanwhile, alumnus Pablo Montealegre ‘16, is an artist from Santiago, Chile who works in painting. His work was selected for the New American Paintings MFA Annual Competition in 2017. Regarding his work featured in the Biennial, he stated, “My work combines classical tropes of painting and Internet meme-culture. Utilising humor and absurdity, I explore the promises and ideals propagated by art history, social-media, and advertisement. Commonly dependent on its digital documentation to be fully experienced, my work questions to which extent these effects could render unnecessary the existence of a painting as a physical object."

Feed da Booty, by Amanda Alfieri

The Talk (2017) by Pablo Montealegre Oil on canvas 48" x 60"