Six Columbia alums, faculty and students featured in 'Sisrahtac'

January 16, 2015

Sisrahtac is an exhibition showing at the Torrance Shipman gallery, an artist-run space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, through January 16, 2015.  It showcases, among others, the works of six current students, alumni and faculty.

Sisrahtac, which reads ‘catharsis’ when spelled backwards, explores the vulnerability of cathartic art. The goal of the show is summed up in the press release from organizers and alumnae Brie Ruais ('11) and Maria Stabio ('12):

“In the text Going Public by Boris Groys, he talks about how Modernism was all about purity. Which as good artists, we should all know. But it’s more religious than that. It was about designing an object which reflected the supposed purity of the soul. Or, maybe, making art of a pure aesthetic which would then in turn purify its maker. Essentially becoming the philosophy: surface decoration ­> concealment ­> impurity vs. simplicity of surface ­> transparency ­> purity. It’s an interesting idea, however flawed. What is catharsis if not purification? Relief. Release. Of course, in order to become pure, we must first be dirty. Otherwise, why would we purge?”

The following Columbia affiliates are featured in the exhibit: