School of the Arts at 2014 Miami Art Fairs

December 2, 2014

This year's Miami Beach art fairs—Art Basel Miami Beach,Miami ProjectArt MiamiNADAUNTITLED. and Pulse—set to take place from December 4 - 7, include the work of several School of the Arts affiliates.
Art Basel, one of the most prestigious and comprehensive art fairs worldwide, invites over 250 of the world's leading galleries and draws over 70,000 visitors each year. More than 30 of this year's exhibiting artists are School of the Arts faculty members, mentors and alumni. Leading international galleries show work from masters of modern and contemporary art as well as pieces by newly emerging stars. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, films and editioned works of the highest quality are displayed in the main exhibition hall, while ambitious artworks and performances become part of the landscape at nearby beaches, Collins Park and SoundScape Park.
Columbia artists will also participate in satellite fairs around Miami Beach. NADA presents a renowned art fair aimed at exploring new or underexposed art that is not typical of the “art establishment.” UNTITLED. is a curated art fair for international galleries and nonprofit art spaces with a focus on emerging and midcareer contemporary art. Pulse Contemporary Art Fair cultivates a supportive environment for its international community of galleries and provides a platform for their growth and expansion in the contemporary art market.
Below, find a complete list of School of the Arts faculty, staff and alumni showing at this year's various art fairs, and view the Columbia Alumni Association Arts Access map here.