Sam Cockrell ('15) Included in Group Exhibition at F18

November 5, 2015

Recent Visual Arts alumnus Sam Cockrell (‘15) had a group exhibition entitled #mycasuallacquaintance at Launch F18. This exhibition also included works by Julia Benjamin, Omari Douglin, Erika Mahr and Mateo Nava.

Sam Cockrell received his BFA from the University of Tennessee and his MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts. He has since been living and working in New York. His works have been included in exhibitions at FJORD Space, Judith Charles Gallery, Postcrypt Art Gallery, Ira D. Wallach Gallery and the Philadelphia and Ewing Gallery in Knoxville.

Cockrell writes:
“My art is not about nature, and barely about archiving. I see the archive as no longer rooted in Euclidean space, existing within an indeterminate seam between everyday life and a sort of pansophical, virtual [on-line] presence.”

You can view more of Sam Cockrell’s work here.