30 Columbia Alumni and Faculty Exhibit in Beijing

January 14, 2015

Draw: Mapping Madness is an ongoing exhibition at the Inside-Out Art Museum in Beijing, featuring the work of 30 alumni and faculty of the Visual Arts program. Curated by Tomas Vu (Faculty), Mapping Madness is the first drawing survey exhibition hosted by the museum, and was made possible with the help of the LeRoy Neiman Foundation and The Inside-Out Art Fund at the Beijing Cultural Development Foundation.  

The museum describes the goal of the exhibit as follows:
“Drawing is such old form of visual thinking process. A typical style of drawing might determine by an ideology and/or environmental situation. But the clarity of such determination could be made blurring if we, as artists or human being, exchange our ideas and drawing technics from different planet. Although such exchanges may not be comfortable or nature in time, but they will shorten the distance between us aesthetically, make aware the verity of the method of thinking technically. Any contempt and refuses of such exchange might originate by a conservative regionalism or a temporal local political needs. A visionary politician, artist and thinker are always willing to follow his or her intuitive decision, and to break the unknown. We could judge it but we don't resist it. The unthinkable might be the common sense nurtured by time. That had been proved in the history of art development over and over again.”

The exhibit was opened on December 16, 2014 and will be on display through March 1, 2015.  

Here is the full list of alumni and faculty participating in the exhibition:

David Altmejd ('01)
Gregory Amenoff (Faculty)
Sanford Biggers (Faculty)
Ernesto Caivano ('01)
Miguel Cardenas ('05)
Nathan Catlin ('12)
Aurélien Couput ('13)
Mark Dion (Mentor)
Riaki Enyama ('13)
Megan Foster ('02)
Gandalf Gavan ('05)
Eric Ramos Guerrero ('09)
Valerie Hammond (Adjunct Faculty)
Emily Henretta ('11)
Chris Jehly ('11)
Hedya Klein ('03)
Nicola Lopez (Faculty)
Kambui Olujimi ('13)
Alyssa Piro ('14)
Bruno Pogacnik ('13)
Corey Riddell ('12)
Jessica Segall ('10)
Kiki Smith (Adjunct Faculty)
Sarah Sze (Faculty)
Rirkrit Tiravanija (Faculty)
Xu Wang ('13)
Jesse Weiss ('10)
Paula Wilson ('05)
Shahar Yahalom ('14)
Tuguldur Yondonjamts ('14)