Still from Uniform

Uniform, Written by Jeffrey James Keyes ‘10, Debuts at Reeling Film Festival

September 29, 2017

Uniform, written by Alumnus Jeffrey James Keyes ´10 and directed by Ellie Foumbie ‘17 and Michael Niederman ‘06 debuted on September 23d at Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival. The 11 minutes film tells the story of two lesbian moms, played by Jody Christopherson and Laura Gómez (OITNB),  that are at odds with what to do when their 6-year-old son is sent home from school for wearing a dress.


The film is from Jeffrey’s short play Uniforms which was part of the 2016 Samuel French OOB Festival. “Uniforms used to be called The Biltmore Academy and I wrote it in response to a challenge playwright Chisa Hutchinson gave me when she was a guest playwright at NYMadness. Madness: is a raw and unpredictable show of short plays by an ensemble of playwrights. Each night has a Theme which is decided on by the Producing Playwright. The Theme is given out a week before the event and then the collective works by all the writers in an evening kaleidoscope that cultural moment. Chisa picked the theme “Radical Bias” and I immediately started developing this piece with the theme in mind” Jeffrey James Keyes said when we aasked what insipired him to write this piece. 


Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival is the second longest-running film festival of its kind, and prides itself on showcasing the best LGBTQ+ films and videos each year.


“From award-winning international feature films to social documentaries to experimental shorts, Reeling has always presented a range of genres that demonstrate the rich diversity of work being produced. Not only has Reeling become one of the most important cultural events for Chicagoans, it also attracts LGBTQ+ people from throughout the Midwest who consider the festival to be the highlight of their cinematic year” the Festival’s website writes.

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