Students Produce Immersive Art Experience in Butler Library

May 16, 2018

Stranger is an immersive audio adventure created by Columbia MFA students in Theatre and Sound Art. Among them, Katherine Wilkinson (Directing ’19), Halla Tryggvadottir (Producing ’19), Sami Pyne (Producing ’20), Elizagrace Madrone (Dramaturgy ’20), and Kamari Carter (Sound Art ’19).  


"Cassie Smith, the Library's Assistant, needs your help. She has recently lost her best employee and you’ve got big shoes to fill. Join Cassie as she guides you through a mystery of love, loss and ancient hidden secrets. How far would you go to protect the person you love?" according to the show's description.


Stranger was produced in partnership with Librarian for Film Studies and Performing Arts, Nancy Friedland, and with the support of the Interdisciplinary Arts Council, as a part of this year’s Performing the Library: A Series of Happenings!  a series of performances in Butler Library, created and produced by School of the Arts students. According to the Library's website, Nancy Friedland developed the concept for Performing the Library in 2016 and received ardent support from the Libraries and SOA. Friedland’s subsequent call for proposals during the Fall 2016 semester got a similarly enthusiastic response from the students; she received more than 20 ideas, ranging in form from art exhibitions to site-specific performances and readings, from students in SOA’s Theatre, Visual Arts, and Writing divisions. 


The installation will run until May 31st in Butler Library. Viewers can register here


Stranger's Creative Team:


Katherine Wilkinson is a director and creative producer based in NYC. She is the founder and artistic director of Gale Theatre Co. Katherine is the current faculty assistant to Anne Bogart and recently worked with Robert Wilson. BA, performance studies, UNC chapel Hill.


Halla Tryggvadottir is a New York-based Icelandic producer and director of theatre, film, immersive performances, and international festivals. While pursuing her MFA in Theatre Management and Producing at Columbia, she has worked with Punchdrunk (Sleep No More), the new-opera festival PROTOTYPE, and The Wooster Group.


Sami Pyne is currently pursuing her MFA in Theatre Management and Producing at Columbia, where she is interested in exploring how to redefine how theatre-makers envision the audience’s experience through nontraditional theatre forms. Sami is currently the programming assistant at HEREarts.


Elizagrace Madrone is a dramaturg, lyricist, playwright, and performer. Her playwriting has recently been on stage with Exquisite Corpse Company and Random People Productions and last year her band/performance piece with Alex Minier, Wool Sucker, released their debut album. 


Kamari Carter is a Performer, Producer, Sound Designer, and Sound Artist hailing from Los Angeles, California. Throughout his Career his work has seen the light of day in such venues as Automata Arts, MoMA, Fridman Gallery, and Issue Project Room just to name a few.