Kareem Fahmy ‘06 is the Current Resident Director at The Flea Theater

November 6, 2017

Poster of The Cereals @ The FleaAlumnus Kareem Fahmy ‘06 is the current Resident Director at The Flea Theater throughout the 2017-2018 season.


The Flea’s Resident Director Program is an intensive practicum for early-career directors. Participants engage in the full spectrum of directing. They assistant-direct and stage manage each other's shows and those of guest artists, review scripts for the theater, as well as direct readings and workshops of plays under consideration by the Artistic and Producing Directors, and ultimately direct their own full-length production as part of The Flea’s season. Kareem has co-conceived and directed Not My Monster by Nick Gandiello.


The production is part of The Flea's children's theater initiative, Cereals, "a signature serialized theater madness to young audiences ages 5+," which consists of the Resident Directors working with up-and-coming writers to create ethnically and culturally specific interpretations of folk tales written in 10 minute installments. In a the description of Not My Monster, "When the wrong monster arrives at a family’s new home, Darya, the family scientist, immediately senses something amiss. Faced with tired parents and a skeptic brother, Darya must prove to the family that this Domovi is not their monster!"


Cereals @The Flea will take place from November 11th to November 19th. You can get your tickets and more info about all the productions that are part of the Series here.


Raised by Egyptian immigrants in French-speaking Canada, Kareem is a director and playwright. His recent world premiere productions including 3/Fifths, This Time, and Couriers and Contrabands have received widespread critical acclaim. Kareem is a 2017-2018 National Directors Fellow at the National New Play Network.