Directing Class of 2019 Presents The Evoke Festival, A Night of Passion Projects

October 6, 2017

The 2nd Year Directors have chosen various concepts around which they built a series of showings. Each short piece is a snapshot of a larger body of work. Each Festival Block is designed to give you a plethora of theatre experiences contained in one evening. 




A Lottery

Conceived & Directed by Katherine Wilkinson


The light in the sky, the gravel on the road, the stones in the creek.... What makes a community? What binds us together? Published in The New Yorker in 1948, Shirley Jacksons short story The Lottery rocked the world. For seventy years, it has been a staple of American literature. And for seventy years, it has chilled and mystified us. Loosely based on Jackson's short story, "A Lottery" is a live stage radio play that depicts a timeless town on the verge of their most important event of the year.



Conceived & Directed by Mark Barford


Freddie follows an awkward teenage boy coming of age in 1980s country Australia. Striving to escape his troubled home life, Freddie strikes up a new friendship with fellow outsider Stacey, and ultimately discovers himself through his obsession with the music of the band, Queen.


Noise of the Future

Directed by Mikhaela Mahony


For centuries, academics and critics alike have been lamenting the death of opera and classical music—but what if it really died? Join us in mourning and celebration through this immersive theatrical experience. Bid the beauty of operatic music and language a fond, and final, farewell. (Perhaps). And maybe, just maybe, hear something bolder, brighter, and more diverse. We invite you to the Noise of the Future.


Good Night Pig

Directed by Miriam Mikiel Grill


Rachel, a city artist adjusting to suburbia and her first pregnancy, hears the souls of dead infants in the wind chimes around her neighborhood. When she is forbidden to pay in her medium of oils because of their toxicity to the fetus, her morbid imagination takes over. Just as her studio is being remodeled into a nursery, and her body changing with the pregnancy, so does the world around her transform into a fantastical and frightening place. Is this a total breakdown, or do her fears have a foundation in reality?



Created by Daniel Adams


A live interactive game.


Lil' Junior

Conceived by Jeffrey Page


Lil Junior explores the life of a 10 year old boy in Augusta, GA in the 1940s. Lil Junior lives in a Brothel owned and operated by his Aunt Honey. He learns how to navigate and survive in his community.


Where? Schapiro Theatre (615 West, 115th Street)

When? Friday, October 6th · Saturday, October 7th · Sunday, October 8th

Check the complete Festival schedule here