Current Student Produced World Premiere of New Play at 59E59

December 16, 2015

Theatre Management and Producing student Eric Vigdorov recently produced the world premiere ofGluten!, by Stephen Kaliski, at 59E59 Theaters. The production finished its run on December 5.

The play, about a newlywed couple who attempts to conceive a child, was produced by Vigdorov through theAdjusted Realists, a theatre company he founded in 2014 with Kaliski and Roger Manix. Their pursuit of telling “theatrical stories about slightly unhinged worlds” commenced in 2014 with a production of Nicky Silver’sPterodactyls.

“Being at Columbia prepared me for the wide range of duties that a theatre producer faces on a daily basis,” Vigdorov said. “My professors were all working theatre professionals, which made in class discussions that much more important. I would sit in class and try to take in all the lessons being taught on how modern theatre operates.”

Vigdorov, who will graduate in 2016, also holds a BFA degree in acting from Brooklyn College, where he originally met and worked with Manix and Kaliski. He is a former associate producer at the Barefoot Theatre Company and has worked for both the commercial and non-profit theatre. He also has substantial financial experience, having worked on Wall Street for the past 5 years.

“As a producer, I hope to create a theatrical environment through which the audience will leave the show feeling wholly challenged and inspired,” he said. “The most powerful lesson I learned at Columbia was that there is no exact definition of what a producer does. A producer is responsible for so much, and wears many hats. Essentially every production is different, and a producer is always reinventing and -creating the magical art of theatre-making.”