Alexandria Dilks Pandola Produced Green Light One-Acts

November 18, 2015

Alumna Alexandria Dilks Pandola (Theatre Management ’09) is helping to provide a platform for women theatre artists through her company Green Light Productions. The company’s most recent production, a festival of five one-act plays called GLO (Green Light One-Acts), ran November 5 through 15 at the Miles Playhouse in Santa Monica, California.

In addition to running the company and producing the festival, Dilks Pandola, a writer, producer and actor, also wrote one of the one-acts. Vital Records tells the story of Patricia, trapped in the never-ending hell that is the Department of Vital Records. There, she encounters a trio of government employees who guide her along a path of self-discovery.

Dilks Pandola, who founded and also serves as artistic director of Green Light Productions, has been at the forefront of efforts promoting women in theatre for over a decade. In 2014, Green Light published The Shubert Report, an examination of the 349 theaters that received funding from the Shubert Foundation, the nation's largest private foundation dedicated to providing unrestricted funding for performing arts organizations. Among its many findings was that only 26 percent of the plays produced by those theatres were written by women. “While it's gratifying that so many organizations are starting to recognize the serious lack of women voices on our stages, unfortunately, these discussions do little good without funders being at the center of the conversation,” Dilks Pandola said on the Green Light website. “The future of American theatre and the role women will play in it is dependent on funders. Without their support gender parity on our stages will never be the reality.”

Dilks Pandola is also the director of development with the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra.