Acting Alumna Jeena Yi Stars in Acclaimed Off-Broadway Show "Somebody's Daughter"

June 9, 2017

Acting Alumna Jeena Yi ‘14 Stars in Acclaimed Off-Broadway Show Somebody's Daughter.


Fifteen-year-old Alex Chan has a 4.5 GPA, even though she skipped two grades ahead. She speaks four languages and plays five instruments. But that won’t wow an Ivy League admissions office (or her immigrant parents). To most parents, Alex would be considered a golden child, but not to Mr. and Mrs. Chan. For them, Alex lacks one essential trait: She is not a boy.


“If we were still in China, I’d be at the bottom of a river somewhere,” Alex mutters in the play. So when the guidance counselor, Kate (Jeena Yi), probes Alex for what makes her special, asking, “What do you think sets you apart from all those other ridiculously high-achieving Chans out there?” Alex has no answer.


“You must have a fire in there somewhere,” Kate urges. Alex does… and so does Yi, who grabbed the attention of many theatre critics. According to the New York Times, Yi’s “voluble, high-voltage performance is the play’s chief delight.”


TheatreMania calls Somebody's Daughter “a gripping work that touches on female infanticide, interracial relationships, domestic abuse, and that unsettling moment in adolescence when you realize that the adults around you don't really have life that much more figured out than you do.”