Film Students Finalists in Coca-Cola/Regal Competition

March 28, 2018

Coca-Cola and Regal Cinemas partnered eighteen years ago to support films made by students. Together, they created a competition to give financial support to a Coca-Cola ad made by emerging filmmakers. Winners will see their film played on Regal Cinema Theatres across the country. Thousands of films were received from dozens of film schools and only five were chosen as finalists. Columbia University is among them.


Max McGillivray (Writer/Director) and Ronald Brown (Writer/Producer), two First Year Film Students, came up with the concept and they hired a large chunk of the First-Year Student Body to develop, Edit, and Act in the film. A complete list of those who participated can be found below. 


The film is now finalized and will need as much support as possible to win. The partnership between Regal Cinemas and Coca-Cola is showing all five finalists on their web page, and the one who gets most shares on Twitter wins. You can view the video below, but to vote, be sure to share on Twitter using this link.


If chosen, Ronald and Max will not only have their work shown on the big screen all over the country but, according to Coca-Cola, they will also have the opportunity to work with industry professionals: "Working closely with industry professionals, finalists receive detailed feedback on how to finesse their vision to create an authentic, yet branded, story. Given that many filmmakers make a living through commercial content, learning how to sell a concept to a brand is essential," according to the contest website. 


Writer/Producer: Ronald Brown

Writer/Director: Max McGillivray

Line Producer: Brittany Faucconet​

Unit Production Manager: Najah Diop

1st Assistant Director: Tony Yang

2nd Assistant Director: Henry Arroyo

3rd Assistant Director: TJ Choi

Production Coordinators: Charlotte Benbeniste and David Torres

Production Assistants: Deangelo Val and Stephanie Fine

Script Supervisors: Connie Tsang and Spencer Grammer

Assistant Production Coordinators: Mitch Gomes and Barbara Twist

Casting Director: Christina Wood

Craft Services: Will Pinke

BTS Producer: Jungyoon Kim

BTS Boom Op: Major Dorfman

BTS Sound Mixer: Mackenzie Lyle

BTS Still Photographer: Katie Kim

BTS Interviewer: Kristin Curtis

BTS Editor: Cooper Troxell

Social Media Manager: Abigail Schwarz

ACs: John Kim and Annie Petinga

DIT: JD Ferencs

Gaffer: Haya Alghanim

Key Grips: Adam Baroukh and Alex Yarber

Best Boy Electric: Ricardo Varona

Electric: Harry BartleIda Yadzi, and Natalie Price

Grip: Caroline BlairGleb OsatinskiWale Olukayode, and Kanne Ge

Set Decorator: Andrew Golden

Art coordinator: Aliza Brugger

Audio Mixer: Scott Gerlomes

Boom Op.: Flora Hwang and Joshua Harris

Foley Artist: Sean Mcaullife

Ben (Principal Actor): Trevor Bell