Film Alumna Pens Essay on Lotte Reiniger for Vague Visages

BY Ijaaz Noohu, October 11, 2017

Film Alumna Kate Saccone ‘13 revisited Lotte Reiniger The Adventures of Prince Achmed for the FilmStruck series for the online film magazine Vague Visages. This column explores various films inside of the FilmStruck—a streaming platform geared at cinephiles—library.

In this piece on the seminal 1926 film, Saccone delves into her first experience with the film, its history and visual splendor, and the lasting impacts of the film in the artistic landscape. The film, which is an interpretation of the classic The Arabian Nights, was one of the earliest pieces of animation and pioneered many techniques that are still used today. Saccone writes, “...the film is a cinematic achievement in terms of technique and form... the film makes it impossible to ignore the work that went into creating these powerful visuals, while simultaneously presenting the output of that labor with delicate grace, impressive intricacy, and fluid effortlessness.”

Kate Saccone is the Project Manager of the Women Film Pioneers Project at Columbia University and the author of the booklet essay for Early Women Filmmakers: An International Anthology. She was recently interviewed in Flicker Alley, where she discussed her career and the role of women have played in shaping cinematic history.