Current Student's Short Film Garners Acclaim from Multiple Festivals

BY Ijaaz Noohu, October 28, 2017

Headshot of Patrick Clement Rabbits, directed by Patrick Clement '19, produced by Brúsi Ólason, associate produced by Donggyun Han ‘19 and written by David Mar Stefansson, won top prizes at two festivals over the past few weeks.


The short, which is a plaintive story of a farmer who tries to keep the promise he made to his dead wife, won the Best Kansas Narrative Short Award at the Tallgrass Film Festival in Kansas last week. It also won the award for Best Student Short at the New Hampshire International Film Festival earlier this month.


As Utah Film Awards describes, "Patrick Clement brings us a pensive story of a husband who could not accept the death of his wife and does everything in his capacity to stay beside her even after her death."


Patrick Clement also has another film making it’s way around the festival circuit - Through the Wide Gate, about a sensitive young woman who stalks a romantic rival in a 1970's-revival psychological drama. This film was recently selected by the First Friday Film Festival, the Death By Festival, the Halloweenapalooza Festival, the American Horrors Film Festival, and FearNYC.