Work by Columbia Alums Nominated for Oscars

January 24, 2017

Columbia Film alumni have made their mark on this year’s Academy Awards, earning several nominations.

Veronica Nickel '10 co-produced the Best Picture nominee Moonlight. “Moonlight is both a disarmingly, at times almost unbearably personal film and an urgent social document,” wrote A.O. Scott for the New York Times. “A hard look at American reality and a poem written in light, music and vivid human faces.” The celebrated film was also nominated in seven other categories, including Best Directing, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor and Actress.  

Moonlight has been sweeping the award circuit this year.

Jennifer Lee '05 and Phil Johnston '04 were part of the writing team behind Zootopia, about an ambitious young bunny trying to follow her dreams. Zootopia was nominated for best Animated Feature Film. Lee’s other writing credits include Frozen, which she also directed, as well as Wreck-It Ralph.  

Zootopia also won an Annie Award last year and hit big at the box offices.

Kahane Cooperman ’91 directed and produced Joe’s Violin, nominated for Best Documentary Short. The film tells the story of a Holocaust survivor who donates his beloved violin to a public school in the Bronx, and the friendship that his gift sparks. In addition to her work on documentaries, Cooperman was a co-executive producer onThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart from 1996 - 2015.

The 2017 Academy Awards will air on ABC on February 26 at 7 pm eastern time.